March 5, 2020 -  Send Message to Governor and your Senator and Assemblymember Today to Urge Rejection of State Budget Proposal regarding Physician Discipline that would Permit Publication of Administrative Warnings and Bypass Critical Due Process Protections

March 13, 2020Telemedicine Update

March 17, 2020Telemedicine Update

March 18, 2020Coding and Billing Update for for Telemedicine

March 21, 2020 - NYS Creates Volunteer Mental Health Hotline to Help with Coronavirus Crisis

March 24, 2020 - COVID-19 Volunteer Liability Update

March 24, 2020MIPS Reporting Requirements Relaxed Due to COVID-19

April 2, 2020COVID-19 Crisis Update

April 7, 2020New Telemedicine Billing Instructions

April 29, 2020HHS Stimulus Payments

May 12, 2020Provider Relief Payments Under the Federal Cares Act

May 19, 2020Medicare Coverage for Telephone-Only Services 

May 27, 2020NYSPA Member Survey on the Impact of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

July 14, 2020NYSPA'S Veterans Mental Health - Primary Care Training Initiative CME Presentations Now Available Online

July 29, 2020HHS Renews COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Declaration

August 28, 2020MSSNY Survey on Quality of Care of Non-Physician Providers During COVID-19 Emergency

September 29, 2020Reminder Regarding Course Work or Training in Pain Management, Palliative Care and Addiction: 3-Year Attestation Otherwise Due Between June 30-September 30 Extended to October 1

October 7, 2020Waiver of In-Person Examination Requirement under Ryan Haight Act Still in Place 

October 16, 2020Phase 3 Cares Act Relief Funds Now Available for Psychiatrists and other Behavioral Health Providers 

October 22, 2020New OPMC Signage Requirement

November 7, 2020Information Blocking Rule Delayed Until April 2021

November 16, 2020Medicare Denials of Audio-Only/Psychotherapy Code Combinations 

December 21, 2020Resolution of Medicare Denials of Audio Only/Psychotherapy Code Combinations

December 23, 20202021 Documentation Templates Now Available!

December 28, 2020Community-Based Physicians and Staff Expected to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Beginning Jan 4