Committee on Psychiatry and the Law
The NYSPA Committee on Psychiatry and the Law (1) serves as a resource to the NYSPA leadership on issues related to mental health law and forensic psychiatry, (2) sponsors and co-sponsors FREE educational activities pertinent to the field, and (3) studies issues of current concern to mental health law and forensic psychiatry.

The members of the Committee are seasoned forensic psychiatrists, with academic, administrative, and practical hands-on experience.  Most usually, in addition to being ABPN-certified in forensic psychiatry and on the academic faculty of a medical school, the Committee members have held leadership positions in the local chapter and/or national organization of The American Academy of Psychiatry & the Law (AAPL) and/or The American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS).

The current list of members of the NYSPA Committee on Psychiatry and the Law is as follows:

Richard Rosner, MD - Chair
Stephen Billick, MD
Richard Ciccone, MD
Veena Garyali, MD
Edward Herman, MD
Steven K. Hoge, MD
Stuart Kleinman, MD
Michal Kunz, M.D.
Howard Owens, MD
Herbert Peyser, MD
F. David Russek, MD
Lawrence Siegel, MD
Alan J. Tuckman, MD
Henry Weinstein, MD
Ilene Zwirn, MD

The Committee has sponsored and co-sponsored annual FREE educational programs with the New York Academy of Medicine's psychiatry section and with the local chapter of The American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry (ASAP).

The last featured speaker was the Chief Justice of the New York State Court of Appeals, Hon. Jonathan Lippman, who spoke on "Re-thinking Juvenile Justice", his initiative to reform the manner in which non-violent 16 and 17 year old adolescents are treated in the NYS criminal justice system. The initiative was embodied in NYS Senate bill 7394.

The proposed Agenda for the October 2013 meeting is:
1. Call to order.
2. Review of Minutes of the last meeting.
3. Review of requests from the NYSPA leadership.
4. Planning and implementing the next FREE educational program.
5. Consideration of potential new members of the Committee.
6. New Business.
7. Adjournment.