We are writing to warn our members about a recent scam being perpetrated by individuals posing as employees of the New York State Education Department (SED).  A NYSPA member was recently contacted by individuals we believe to be part of this ongoing scam.  The call appeared to come from the general phone number of the SED Office of the Professions.  The scammers knew the name and NPI of the psychiatrist and stated that the psychiatrist was currently being investigated by the FBI.  The callers claimed that the FBI had been trying to reach the psychiatrist for the past 10 days in connection with alleged criminal activity involving controlled substances and provided a docket number and a case number, both apparently fictitious.  The callers claimed that the psychiatrist’s medical license had been suspended and, most suspiciously, instructed the psychiatrist not to tell anyone about the call.  The scammers did not leave a call back number or provide anything in writing to the psychiatrist. 

Upon further review, we located the following notice that has been posted on the homepage of the SED Office of the Professions (  If you have received any suspicious calls, please file a report with the Federal Trade Commission, as indicated below. 

Beware of Voice Phishing—or “Vishing”—Calls, Emails or Faxes

The New York State Education Department (“SED”) Office of the Professions (“OP”) is alerting everyone to a vishing scam that has been brought to our attention. Phishing—or “vishing”—scams impersonate SED employees attempting to collect licensure and personal information from the licensee.

If you receive an inquiry which you believe to be suspicious do not provide any information. To verify if the inquiry was from OP contact OP directly using the contact information on the OP webpage at

You may report suspicious calls to the Federal Trade Commission at

If you receive any suspicious calls and need assistance with same, please contact NYSPA Central Office at 516-542-0077 or [email protected]