►        The use of Place of Service 02 (as previously recommended) will also indicate the provision of telemedicine, BUT will be paid at a facility rate, which may be lower than the office/outpatient rate. 

The above billing procedures should be used for Medicare, Medicaid and all commercial carriers, unless an individual carrier has provided specific telemedicine billing instructions.    

APA Updates
The APA website provides general information on telemedicine and links to information disseminated by individual carriers regarding coverage of telemedicine services.  To access this information click on the following link and scroll down to the bottom section entitled Commercial Payers:   


If you are experiencing problems with individual carriers, please let NYSPA know and we will pass this information along to APA staff who are reaching out to carriers to address global issues.  APA staff has noted that some carriers are allowing phone sessions and some are requesting a different modifier when using a telephone for phone sessions, Skype or FaceTime.  Also, as mentioned in a previous E-Bulletin, please keep in the mind that some self-insured or union health plans may not be subject to the NY telemedicine statute and may not be required to provide coverage for telemedicine.