To volunteer, professionals are asked to complete a survey at: Click on the tab for health, mental health and related professionals.  Although the online form refers to medical treatment of individuals with Coronavirus, the Governor indicated in his press conference that they are also seeking counseling services for individuals who may be experiencing anxiety and fear.
Members should indicate on the form that they are available for telephone and telehealth counseling services, not face-to-face services.
The quick survey will ask responders to fill out the following information:
  • Your specific qualifications and interest in being of public service in this regard.
  • Your professional title
  • List specialties or certifications
  • Date of birth
  • Are you a current practitioner?
  • Last date of practice
  • Role in last practice
  • Date of most recent certification and license 
  • License number
  • Contact Information including email and address
  • Willingness to work in any region of NYS
  • Describe your interest and ability to be able to provide your services to treat patients if the need should arise in the future.
  • Any other information that is relevant as the state builds capacity in this regard, especially experience with infectious diseases, respiratory conditions, critical care, or emergency medical services or care.