The New York State Psychiatric Association Veterans Mental Health - Primary Care Training Initiative (VMH-PCTI)

The New York State Psychiatric Association is proud to offer this important training opportunity to ensure that returning veterans receive necessary care & treatment in their community to lessen or heal the invisible wounds of war & to further reduce the stigma which often impedes the decision to seek mental health & substance use disorder care and treatment, particularly among members of the military. 

About the Initiative

NYSPA's VMH-PCTI is designed to enhance the capacity of primary care specialists, psychiatrists, and residents to recognize and treat combat-related mental health and substance use disorders. 

The VMH-PCTI provides CME-accredited training on the signs, symptoms, diagnosis and best practices for treating mental health and substance use disorders of returning combat veterans, including post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, suicide and suicide prevention. The presentations are designed to be presented in one hour at teaching hospitals and other educational settings as well as off-campus venues.

NYSPA's efforts are part of the broader Veterans Mental Health Training Initiative, a collaborative endeavor with the Medical Society of the State of New York, and the National Association of Social Workers-NYS Chapter to enhance the availability of and access to mental health and related services for combat veterans in their community.

VMH-PCTI Faculty Advisor Committee

NYSPA's Curriculum/Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC) is comprised of, and consults with, an array of experts including psychiatrists, neurologists, trauma specialists, and primary care physicians, some of whom have served in the military. Members interested in serving on the Faculty Advisor Committee should contact the NYSPA Central Office at  516-542-0077.

Highlights of NYSPA's Initiative

  • CME-accredited trainings held across New York State
  • Trained speakers available for both presentation tracks available at no cost
  • Building a network of primary care physicians and psychiatrists who are able and willing to treat the conditions that challenge returning combat veterans and their families in New York, home to more than 800,000 veterans

NYSPA's Initiative

From Albany Medical Center in the Capital Region, to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, to the New York Academy of Medicine, to webinars, NYSPA has conducted VMH-PCTI presentations at hospitals and off-campus venues around the State.

Presently, NYSPA has two presentation tracks: one track providing a broad overview of combat-related mental health and substance use disorders, which incorporates a segment on veteran suicide; and, a second track that focuses solely on veteran suicide and suicide prevention.

As the Veterans Administration launches an effort to expand access to care in the community through the MISSION Act, new presentations are currently being developed that will address the use and misuse of opioids, women veterans' issues, and a comprehensive overview of military culture.

To schedule a training or get information on trainings that will be held in your area, contact NYSPA's Central Office at 516-542-0077.