Committee on Children and Adolescents
Committee mission is to:
1) Keep  a pulse on what is happening regarding child and adolescent services in New York; identify issues that need further information and review, such as problems with getting medication approval for children, issues on inadequate supply of ADHD medications, problems with insurance denial of care 
2) Review and provide input to Area II regarding issues relevant to NYS child services including a review of the new OMH plan to change current services and  set up OMH  Regional  Centers of excellence. TO review these plans and it impact on services through out the state
3) review  and discuss new state initiatives such as I Stop Law and Safe Act 
4) Develop a network of child and adolescent colleague so we can learn from each other regarding psychiatric issues of care and practice, including  electronic prescribing, coding, EMR .... Support colleagues when essential services are facing closure such as when Inpatient unit at Stony Brook was threatened
5) Foster interest in Child Psychiatry
6) Better integrate with AACAP regarding advocacy and training issues

Agenda for October 26, 2013:
1)Review the OMH plan for RCE and how will affect services throughout the state
2) Review problems or issues in prescribing or getting prior approval
3) review mission for the committee
4) issues of better integrating with  AACAP
5) others 

The current list of members of the Committee on Children and Adolescents is:

Lenore Engel, M.D., Chair

Adrienne Allen, M.D.
Victoria Balkoski, M.D.
Victor Fornari, M.D.
Fady Hajal, M.D.
Glenn S. Hirsch, M.D.
Pierre Jean-Noel, M.D.
Paul Kymissis, M.D.
Madhu Rajanna, M.D.
Meena Ramani, M.D.
Elizabeth Ortiz-Schwartz, M.D.
Manoj Shah, M.D.